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Getting Stressed

Getting Stressed

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When you worry a lot about something that means you’re stressed, or you’re stressed out. Lots of things can cause this; school and exam pressure, being bullied, family problems or when someone you love is ill or dies.

People cope with stress in different ways. You might feel everything’s getting on top of you and it can really help to have someone to talk to about things. Have a break from revision such as having fun with friends, a visit to the cinema or a local youth club.


If you think you are stressed you may:

  • Have a headache, upset stomach or skin rash.
  • Fell anxious and irritable
  • Be unable to sleep at night even though you feel tired during the day.
  • Want to cry a lot.
  • Not want to eat or want to eat more than usual.
  • Feel you have no control and are useless.

What should you do?

If your parents/carers are putting pressure on you to do well in exams, talk to them about how this is making you feel. Remember that they’re only trying to encourage you and might not see that they’re making you anxious.

Take a deep breath and walk away from the thing that’s stressing you out, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Eat a healthy diet and try to get enough sleep.

Don’t smoke or drink to cope with stress. It’ll just make you feel worse.

If you’re really anxious, it can make it hard to cope. You must get help if you feel so bad you think about skipping school, running away, taking an overdose, self-harming, or if you feel that life is not worth living. If you are really stressed-out see your Doctor, school councillor or even the school nurse.


You can also contact your doctor or pastoral worker at school to discuss this issue.

Keeping Children and Young People safe is everybodies business.