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Everyone has days when they don’t want to go to school. But if you decide not to go to, this is called playing truant, mitching, or bunking off. Even missing one lesson can make a difference to you and it is still truanting.

People play truant for lots of different reasons. Maybe you’re not doing well enough in lessons or haven’t done your homework. Perhaps you feel bored or all your friends are bunking off too. Or maybe you’re being bullied.

If you miss too much school:

  • You’ll fall behind in important lessons.
  • You’ll miss out on being with your friends every day.
  • It can be hard to catch up with what everyone else has learnt.
  • You might not learn enough information to pass exams.

What will happen if I miss too much school?

  • Your teacher will want to talk to you about why you’re bunking off.
  • Your school will want to talk to your parents/carers.

Do you think your friend or brother/sister is missing too much school?

  • Don’t be pressured by your friend or sibling to truant or bunk off.
  • Try and persuade them to talk to someone about why they are doing this.



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