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Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour anti social behaviour

What is Anti-Social Behaviour?

Any behaviour that has caused or was likely to cause Harassment, Alarm or Distress to someone else is considered to be Anti-Social Behaviour.

Anti-Social Behaviour comes in many different forms ranging from low-level nuisance to serious harassment. It can damage people’s quality of life and interfere with their ability to use and enjoy their home or community.

Everyone has the right to live free from anti-social behaviour.

Examples of Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Getting drunk in public
  • Fighting in the street
  • Threatening other people
  • Using abusive language
  • Shop lifting
  • Or vandalising property

Worried about a friends behaviour?

  • Signs that someone is at risk of anti-social behaviour include:
  • missing school or being in trouble at school
  • stealing or shop-lifting
  • having unexplained amounts of money
  • mixing with a negative crowd
  • using drugs and/or alcohol 
  • violence towards others.

Worried that you may be causing Anti-Social Behaviour?

  • Be aware of the impact you can have on others. You might feel that going around in a big gang of friends is safer, but it might intimidate other people.
  • Adults and young people have the right to live without fear.
  • Remember that if you get into trouble for misbehaving, it can affect your chances of getting a good job late on in life.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour leads to having a record with the Police

Keeping Children and Young People safe is everybodies business.