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Child Abuse

Child Abuse Child Hiding Face

Not every young person or child is lucky enough to have someone to support them whilst growing up. They can experience abuse – either to themselves or to someone they live with.

There are four kinds of abuse:

  • Physical Abuse - hitting, pinching, burning, wounding, grabbing your wrists, restraining you, etc.
  • Sexual abuse - which is when you are forced to have sex or act in a sexual way against your will, or where someone touches you in a way which makes you feel uncomfortable, etc.
  • Emotional abuse- which is where someone bullies you, criticises you all the time, puts you down, or shouts at you to make you feel bad about yourself, etc.
  • Neglect - which is when you don't have enough food, or enough clothes or suitable clothes, where you don't feel cared for, etc.

A young person usually knows the person who is hurting them or making them do things that they should not. Abuse can happen anywhere.

If you are being abused it can be very upsetting and it can make you feel frightened, angry, alone, guilty and unloved.

Remember! Abusing someone is WRONG.

What to look out for:

  • Signs someone’s being abused:
  • They become quiet and withdrawn.
  • They have injuries they can’t explain.
  • They wear clothes that cover them up even when it is hot.
  • They don’t like being touched.
  • They put themselves down.

What to do:

Are you being abused?

  • Remember that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! – The person who’s abused you is to blame.
  • Remember that you have the right to feel safe.
  • Tell someone you can trust, like a parent/carer, teacher or friend.

Is someone you live with or know being abused?

  • Keep safe. Find a safe place in the house or somewhere you can go to when things get hard at home.
  • Tell someone you can trust, like a teacher or a friend or call one of the helplines listed under Contacts.
  • Try to get them to seek help, and point out the helplines listed under Contacts.


Childline: 0800 1111

NSPCC: 0808 800 5000

Keeping Children and Young People safe is everybodies business.