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Disabled Young People

Disabled Young People Caring

Being disabled could mean you are unable to do some of the things that other people can do. You may face more challenges but life can still be as fun and full of person achievement.

Being a young person can be a tough time, sometimes it’s even harder with a disability. Everyone wants to fit in and it can be easy to feel you are alone. Remember you don’t have to go it alone – there’s load s of support out there for you.

Up until now, your parents have probably made all your decision – now you may be able to start to make some choices for yourself.

A good education can improve your chances later in life, education is important for everyone.

Just because you are disabled in some way does not mean you can’t live a full and exciting life. Aim high and you’ll achieve.

What to look out for:

There are many different sorts of disabilities:

  • You might use a wheelchair, or you may be hearing or speech-impaired, or you might have a learning disability.
  • If you have a disabled friend or relative, try to see things from their point of view. Chances are they don’t want your sympathy, just your understanding.

What to do:

Think about:

  • Joining a club or group where you can chat to other people with similar difficulties.
  • If you are feeling down or there are things your school could do to make it a better place for you to be, tell someone.


Speak to your school nurse.

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Keeping Children and Young People safe is everybodies business.